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Empowering Nonprofits with Free Tech Advice for a Greater Impact

We believe in supporting nonprofit organizations. Through our charity program, we provide free tech advice to help nonprofits harness the power of technology and maximize their social impact.

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Eligible nonprofit organizations receive a 50% discount on standard rates.*

Meet our happy clients

John Matthews

Gladiatek's charity program is a game-changer for nonprofits. Their tech advice is invaluable! They helped us optimize resources, drive efficiency, and make a bigger social impact. Highly recommend!

John Matthews

CEO @ EmpowerOrg

Sarah Thompson

Gladiatek empowers nonprofits with free tech advice. Their expertise helped us maximize social impact, streamline operations, and engage our audience. Grateful for their support!

Sarah Thompson

Marketing Director @ ImpactNow

What does Gladiatek do for

Give you free tech advises

We are dedicated to empowering nonprofits by providing free technology advice. Our experts will guide you in making informed decisions to optimize your technology services and hardware choices, ensuring your organization can thrive in the digital age.

Optimize your costs

Our team will work closely with you to analyze your operations and identify opportunities for cost savings, ensuring that your limited resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus more on your mission.”

Concierge service

We take pride in offering a dedicated concierge service exclusively for nonprofits. Our responsive helpdesk is just a call away, ready to troubleshoot IT issues, provide expert guidance on tech software or hardware, and even coordinate on-site repairs through our trusted partners

*Special discount

We deeply appreciate the impactful work of nonprofits. To further support your mission, we offer an exclusive 50% discount on our services, including requirements specification writing, tech solution analysis, and IT resource tasks. This significant discount ensures that you can access our high-quality tech solutions at a more affordable rate, empowering your organization to make an even greater difference in the world

Use cases for

Manufacturing & Distribution
Retail & Consumer Goods
Food and Beverage
Web Technologies
Web Technologies
Fleet management
Video conferencing
Customer Relationship Management
Customer case
Use case
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We listed for you all Nonprofits
tech discount

Gladiatek easily integrates into your tech stack, connecting all of the tools you already love.

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Everything you should know

Before you apply, there are three prerequisites to ensure you qualify:


A phone calle exchange after you applying to understand what we can do for you

Nonprofits program

Get unlimited access to all products, build connections in our community, and learn best practices from our very own experts.

Featured questions

Is there a long-term commitment

You’re not engaged because you do not pay to access the first level of Gladiatek support (normaly 99€ per month) so it’s up to you, you can exchange with our expert team or not

What is included in the 50% discount on standard rates ?

Any need on your part concerning, for example, the drafting of specifications for a telecom operator or IT service provider consultation, maintenance contract but also the accompaniment to the analysis of the service offers you receive to help you make the right choice

What is included in your first level of free membership ?

You have access to all services normally charged €99 per month, you can have an overview here on the details of the pricing for SMEs.

Spend less time on admin and more time fundraising

Try Gladiatek for free
Try Gladiatek for free

Get more from your fundraising efforts with nonprofit Gladiatek support designed for outreach and metrics.

With the right donor management solution, you can grow your donor relationships and boost donor retention.