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About Gladiatek

The committed technology consulting agency, expert in supporting the digital transformation of companies.

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Our company, Gladiatek, enables companies to effectively improve their technology environment.

By integrating optimized and sustainable technology solutions, companies can create favorable work environments for their employees while environments for their employees while rationalizing their financial and energy expenses.

We help the managers of small and medium-sized companies by providing them with adapted, fair and enlightened advice.

Through our services, we want to bring about a real change in the world. Driven by ethical and responsible values, we want to work to minimize the negative impacts of technology on the environment and on people.

our values

The core values that drive
everything we do



We are driven by our commitment to doing good for all. We believe in supporting companies that want to make a positive impact on their stakeholders - from employees and suppliers, to economic partners and the planet.

Our goal is to offer genuine help to any company that wishes to undertake a sustainable transformation. We believe that the success of a business should not be measured only by financial gain, but also by the positive impact it has on the world around it. We are proud to be part of a community that values altruism and we strive to make a difference in everything we do



We believe that honesty, kindness, and simplicity are the keys to building strong relationships. That's why we value transparency in all our interactions with people.

We understand that trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and we work hard to maintain that trust with our clients.

Our solutions are always fair, well-informed, and tailored to the specific needs of each organization and the people who make it thrive. We believe that transparency fosters understanding, and that understanding leads to better decisions and stronger partnerships.



We take our social responsibilities seriously, and we encourage other organizations to do the same. We believe that committing to concrete and measurable actions is the key to making a positive impact on the world.

Our commitment extends beyond words and into tangible actions that benefit people and the environment. We always strive to make decisions that align with the greater good and bring positive change to our society. We understand that commitment is not just a one-time action, but a continuous effort to make a difference

We offer a wide range of
digital services


Gladiatek specializes in robust infrastructure technology, ensuring reliable, scalable solutions for businesses aiming for sustainable growth and innovation


Gladiatek delivers cloud solutions focused on efficiency and sustainability, empowering businesses with secure, scalable, and eco-friendly cloud technology


Gladiatek crafts bespoke software solutions, prioritizing eco-efficiency and innovation to drive business success in a digitally connected world.


Gladiatek excels in providing sustainable telecommunication solutions, ensuring reliable connectivity and enhanced communication for businesses globally


Gladiatek champions sustainable mobility solutions, integrating cutting-edge technology to boost efficiency and connectivity in a dynamic business landscape

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